Missional CommunityI’ve thought all week about what I could write about Baltimore, from a Jesus and love perspective. While I’m confident that as long as I was to keep it in line with what Jesus taught about love, I was worried it may seem disingenuous, for two main reasons. First, I’m not from nor have I ever lived in Baltimore. To pretend I understand the environment and could affect what’s happening there, would be naive at best. Second, I think it would just add to the noise of thousands of already written articles. I don’t want it to ever seem like I’m writing about something just to simply capitalize on current events.

With that said, I’ve read some great article about Baltimore and I’ve read some horrible ones. This one is one of the best. Stan lives in and pastors a church in Baltimore. Baltimore is his home. He suggests that “We need a new story, a better story about what we can be.” I agree.

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