The Healthy Christian

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It is my hope that as this community grows, we will all grow into healthy Christians so that we can contribute to a healthy Church. When we are individually healthy, we form a healthier body and are better able to hold up and glorify Jesus.

My commitment, and one that I pray you will make with me for the sake of your own Christian communities, is to be intentional in my attempts to connect with this community in a way that challenges it to cultivate relationships with others. It is through relationships that we will learn to walk as Jesus did and invite others into community with Him and His Church. This is the process of community that I am committed to.

Connect. Challenge. Cultivate.

Because I believe a healthy community (or Church) starts with health individual Christians, I want to encourage each of us to strive for spiritual health. Becoming spiritually healthy is a fairly simple process and involves a short list of disciplines. However, simplicity aside, getting healthy requires a commitment to hard work. And, the best place to do that work is with others doing the same work; Christian community.

You cannot get healthy, and stay that way, without plan. I am committed to being and helping others be a healthy Christian, so I put together this info-graphic to help in the process.  This list identifies four steps to help you become a healthy Christian and is my gift to you.


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The Healthy Christian