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This last week has been slammed packed full of busy. Between job searching, planning a one year old little girl’s birthday party, and putting my oldest son of a plane so he can start his adulting, I haven’t had a lot of time for anything else.

I actually forgot it was Monday and almost forgot to post. While I do a a few articles in the pipe that I could post, I thought it would be fun to share articles from guys I’ve recently connected with and who’s stuff I started reading. And, being that it is Thanksgiving week, I figured a potluck of blogs was appropriate.

1. This first post is from November 12th, by author and speaker, Matt Ham. Matt is the Author of Redefining Rich and building a community at Your Whole Life Matters

Just Like Dad

My sons have recently developed a desire that has become quite frustrating.

Whether they’re going to school, getting ready for church, or simply playing outside, they want to dress just like their dad. They want their shoes to match or to wear the same color shirt. They want to imitate me down to the very last detail. [READ MORE]

2. This next article was posted on November 19, by writer and Cosmetology Instructor extraordinaire, David Mike. David is also writing a book about his time spent in the United States Disciplinary Barracks, Ft. Leavenworth, KS.


We have three daughters: 13, 11 & 3.  Everyone says “Just wait!” in regards to the Estrogen Armageddon that we are supposed to experience during their adolescence.  “Oh, you have all girls?” they say, “Boys are easier…”  Great, thanks!  So far with our girls we have had relatively no problems. [READ MORE]

3. This article was posted is by author and podcast host, Rocco DeLeo. Rocco is the author of Bullet Points and Buffalo Wings and host of And Dad Makes 7.  In addition to that, he’ll soon be co-hosting a new monthly podcast with me and Thomas Hogan, called The (G)odd Show.


One of my favorite authors, Podcaster, and just all around great guy, Matt Ham agreed to be on my show. Things are looking good for my growing platform.  In case you didn’t know, The And Dad Makes 7 Podcast [Click here to go to the Podcast Page] is starting to get awesome guests. Here’s my problem. My heart has a little rumble warning me that I my ego is getting out ahead of me just a little too much. [READ MORE]

Enjoy and I’ll see you on Cyber Monday!