I’ve recently read some great blogs surrounding the whole same gender marriage issue.  Most talked about loving others regardless.  Some supported, some opposed.  From a facts perspective, both had very valid points.  One of my favorites brought up the point that we (as Christians) have let this issue distract (<–that’s the link to the blog) us from the point of this weekend… Jesus.  

I’m positive there isn’t a need for another blog post or article or YouTube video about why same gender marriage is or isn’t right.  Everyone has made there stance known and yet we’re still yelling and spewing anger and hate.  I carry no misconceptions about my blog changing peoples minds for whether to support or oppose this issue.  So I don’t intend to try.  This post isn’t about getting my view out there or promoting my agenda.  This post isn’t even meant point back to the purpose of this weekend.  This post is meant to point to the purpose of our life, Jesus, and promote His agenda.  

The truth is you can’t legislate morality one way or the other.  You can try, but it won’t matter.  If you legalize same gender marriage, people will still oppose it.  If you don’t, people will still oppose that decision.  It won’t end.  Truthfully, I’m not sure that this legislation is the real issue.  I know it’s a big deal for many people, but the basis of all this is the desire for equality.  Sadly, that won’t ever happen.  There will always be someone that has more.  More rights, more money, more ability, more privileged.  That’s not to say we don’t fight for what is right, good and just.  I’m thankful for people like MLK Jr.  He’s a hero for sure.  But we’ll never live in a country or world, for that matter, where everyone is equal.

But, there is one place where we are all the same.  Where no one’s transgressions outweigh another’s.  A place where we are loved regardless of us.  A place where we can rest after the strain of our shouts to be heard.  It’s the cross.  We stand at the foot of the cross on equal and level ground.  The cross is not an Easter thing.  It’s a thank God everyday thing.  It’s the place that Jesus, through His blood, sweat and tears, prepared for us to be on the same footing as everyone else.  It’s the place that Jesus meets us and loves us.  There we are equals, all of us.

Regardless of how passionate you are about this issue, if you’re a Christian you have three commands from Jesus (there where a lot of them, but three that encompass them all): 1) Love God, 2) Love others, and 3) Make disciples.  Those three commands require their own post… maybe even their own book, hmm.  But that middle command wasn’t group specific, it actually meant others.  Not just your friends or church or even other Christians.  It means all others.  When you genuinely love God, you’ll love others and you’ll make disciples.  Carl Medaris, author of ‘Speaking of Jesus‘, makes this point perfect when asked by a lesbian, “What’s your position on gays?”  He said, “I didn’t even think about that one, ‘The same as Jesus’: to love them.'”  That’s Jesus’ agenda: to love others.  That was the purpose of the cross and this weekend: so we know He loves us and so we are enabled to love others. 

We’re all equal at the cross,